So, what happens during a visit to the Chiropractor?

Your Initial Consultation

We want to make your experience at Fishguard Chiropractic Clinic as pleasant and informative as possible. When you come in you will be asked to fill in some necessary forms in reception. An in-depth history of the events surrounding the symptoms you may have is key to an accurate diagnosis. You will also be asked about lifestyle and previous medical history. A thorough examination includes physical, orthopaedic and neurological tests. Based on the findings, the Chiropractor will decide if further investigation, e.g. x-ray / blood analysis, is necessary prior to treatment. If Chiropractic treatment is not deemed appropriate, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist.

Report of Findings and Treatment Plan

Your Chiropractor will explain to you in detail what seems to be wrong (diagnosis) and how this relates to your spine and nervous system before any treatment commences. You will be advised on approximately how many treatments you will need and how much this will cost.  A treatment and exercise / stretch programme will be prepared to suit your individual needs.

Follow-up Treatment

Chiropractic Motion PalpationYour treatment will be tailored to you and be dependent on a number of factors including your individualManipulation of the thoracic spine symptoms, your age, build, previous injuries and of course your personal preference. Chiropractic treatment involves safe, effective, specific manipulations – called adjustments. Adjustments free joints that are not moving properly, therefore realigning the joints and muscles will help ensure that the spine and nervous system are “working properly”. Sometimes a popping sound is heard which is caused by gas bubbles in the joint space “popping” as pressure is released. Adjustments are combined with a combination of deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, mobilization and sometimes ultrasound therapy. An exercise programme is designed specifically for your condition, consisting of strengthening and stretching advice.   It is important for you to follow the treatment schedule provided for you to get the best results.  A treatment session is the time spent with your chiropractor receiving expert manual therapy and also learning about how to manage your symptoms and get the best from your body. We want to help you look after your body.

Preventative Care

Regular check-ups / MOTs are designed to support your original course of treatment and maintain your return to health. Your Chiropractor will often recommend regular check-ups every 2 weeks to three months depending on your original complaint, your lifestyle and ultimately your goals. MOTs are important in helping you to look after you body.

The combination of chiropractic and massage is the ultimate care package to help you achieve your optimum health goals.